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Film Review: Pearl (2022)

In 1918, a young Pearl (Mia Goth) sits next to her sister-in-law Mitsy (Emma Jenkins-Purro) and several other young women. These ladies are fairly harmonious with their fashion choice — white or beige dresses — except Pearl, who wears a bright red dress; needless to say, she already looks like Carrie during prom night. BothContinue reading “Film Review: Pearl (2022)”

Film Review: Don’t Worry Darling (2022)

Chances are, if you’ve seen your fair share of movies, you’ve probably already seen Don’t Worry Darling. The sophomore directing effort from Olivia Wilde (who also has a supporting role) is slightly different in its content from her debut – the fantastic coming-of-age comedy Booksmart – as it leans in the direction of reality-shattering sci-fi.Continue reading “Film Review: Don’t Worry Darling (2022)”

Series Review: Better Call Saul – Season 6 (2022)

As a general rule of thumb, I find it best when reviewing or otherwise critiquing to avoid words like “perfect” or “flawless.” That’s not to say I haven’t ever used them for dramatic, indulgent purposes — I probably have at some point. Rather, suggesting a piece of media is without flaw seems almost sacrilegious toContinue reading “Series Review: Better Call Saul – Season 6 (2022)”

Latest Music Project:

Kevin Bader – Footprints (2021)

His follow-up to 2020’s Lighthouse (which I also play on) Kevin Bader’s Footprints is another fun album made up of an eclectic song mix. I provide the drums once again, so you should definitely check it out! The Bandcamp link is below, as well as my personal favorite song off the album.

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