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Film Review: Atrabilious (2023)

Steven Joyner (Leon Addison Brown) is deep in the throes of grief. It’s been well over a month since the passing of his son, Neil, after a freak accident caused his car to crash into the ocean in the middle of the night; Neil’s body was never found, and Steven is still haunted by the…

Series Review: 1899 – Season 1 (2022)

As it so happens, waiting until the new year to write a review for 1899 wasn’t a great call on my part. It’s such a bad call, as a matter of fact, I can’t help but question whether or not posting it now is a wholly futile effort. 1899 is (was) the latest project from…

The Girl Next Door

I was balanced like a bird, fully clothed on the plastic lid, the farthest one from the door. My shoes scuffed and smudged their dirt and grime onto the clean white surface. My left hand was anchored to the faded, worn pink of the cold tile walls. The nails of my right hand dug hard…

The Children

Mum gave both of us five dollars at the end of each month. Looking back, more than anything else it was probably to keep us from bothering her; we rarely did chores around the house, so it wasn’t as though we had really earned the allowance. Ben and I, in our typical ten-year-old-boy ways, would…

The Diabolical Deed (OYWA)

My scream was cut short. When I finally peeked a glance, I had to blink a few times to prevent any ash from getting into my eyes; surely that would sting if it snuck its way past my lashes. Come to mention it, my whole body was covered, as if I had been rolling in…

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