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Film Review: Atrabilious (2023)

Steven Joyner (Leon Addison Brown) is deep in the throes of grief. It’s been well over a month since the passing of his son, Neil, after a freak accident caused his car to crash into the ocean in the middle of the night; Neil’s body was never found, and Steven is still haunted by theContinue reading “Film Review: Atrabilious (2023)”

My Top 22 Films of 2022

The year cinema returned! After a disappointing start to the decade, 2022 truly feels like it marks a turning point for films. Some of the world’s auteur filmmakers have returned to the medium with unforgettable efforts, well-crafted blockbusters have been both financially and critically successful, and there’s even been a fair share of quality straight-to-streamingContinue reading “My Top 22 Films of 2022”

Film Review: Babylon (2022)

They say to write what you know, so it’s no wonder filmmakers are so keen to make movies about ~the magic of cinema~ or their own adoration of the medium. These self-indulgences have become increasingly common in recent years, and 2022 is no exception; even Steven Spielberg has delivered his “love letter to cinema,” TheContinue reading “Film Review: Babylon (2022)”

Film Review: Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022)

Flying city to city and giving speeches on the history of storytelling might sound like a dull life to lead, but it’s perfectly ideal for Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton). With nobody to come home to at the end of each tour – no children, no parents, and only an ex-husband to speak of – AlitheaContinue reading “Film Review: Three Thousand Years of Longing (2022)”

Film Review: The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)

Is it better to live a good, honest life and be remembered accordingly by those few who knew you? Or to devote your life to crafting a legacy that will exist long after you’re gone? It’s a question to which Pádraich (Colin Farell) and Colm (Brendan Gleeson) can’t seem to agree on an answer. TheContinue reading “Film Review: The Banshees of Inisherin (2022)”

Film Review: All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

It’s 1917, and trench warfare of the First World War is in full swing. German soldiers are ordered to proceed with an over-the-top raid across no man’s land; gunfire fills the air. After the massacre, survivors collect dog tags and uniforms from the dead – one such uniform has the name “Heinrich” sewn onto it.Continue reading “Film Review: All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)”

Film Review: Speak No Evil (2022)

Let’s say you’re sitting in a bar with some acquaintances. You don’t know a ton about them, but from what you’ve seen, they seem like nice people. They’re all polite, humorous, and generally easy to talk to. Now let’s say one of these acquaintances does or says something… questionable. Maybe it’s one of those covert-nudge-and-“didContinue reading “Film Review: Speak No Evil (2022)”

Film Review: Halloween Ends (2022)

What doesn’t kill you makes you…? In this latest Halloween movie, the thirteenth in the franchise and fourth in this timeline (for those keeping track at home) Michael Myers is certainly… something. What hasn’t killed him all these years might not be making him stronger, but “stranger” would be an appropriate replacement. This new installmentContinue reading “Film Review: Halloween Ends (2022)”

Film Review: Blonde (2022)

This is not a Marilyn Monroe biopic.  And no, this isn’t the start of a click-hungry “I-turned-it-off-after-twenty-minutes” rant. I may be click-hungry, but I’m certainly not keen to add to the fast-growing pile of contempt towards this film’s existence; surely there are more than enough people already doing that. Rather, as the writers behind BlondeContinue reading “Film Review: Blonde (2022)”