Album Review: Chase The Bear – Chase The Bear EP (2019)

With more and more bands getting labeled the newest “saviors of rock and roll,” it’s easy for less well-known groups to lack the attention and praise they deserve. Enter: Chase The Bear. These Vancouverites may only have a self-titled EP released, but it certainly delivers on many nostalgic levels for fans of blues rock and alternative.

The entirety of the EP is written, recorded, and mixed masterfully, and one could easily assume any of the three songs are major hits for the group. “Colours” is largely driven by bass during the verses, with the other guitars subtlety, and tastefully, building up to a full stop and then launching into the chorus. The chorus almost sounds like a modern update of something the Beatles may have released early in their career, and it definitely works.

Next up is “Heartache,” a great song with some fun shots in the chorus and a cool break-down during the bridge. Following it is the closing track, “Home.” Upon the very first listen, “Home” presents itself as something the Black Crowes might release. It has a chorus that begs to be chanted by a live audience, and is the best of the trio of songs.

Though their live shows have been postponed, for obvious reasons that don’t need elaboration, Chase The Bear have promised on their website that they are “taking this time to write new music and create new content in the future.” Hopefully 2021 will be brightened by a full-length album release from these rockers.

Overall rating: 8/10

Published by Jeremy Bader

Aspiring writer, film and music lover, drummer.

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